Submission Guidelines and Terms

1. Eligibility:

      • Businesses of all types, including restaurants, e-commerce, retail, and more, are eligible to submit discount coupons.

    2. Coupon Validity:

        • Coupons must be valid and applicable for a minimum of 30 days from the date of submission.

      3. Discount Offer:

          • The submitted coupon should offer a genuine discount or benefit to ShitcoinX users.

          • The discount can be in the form of a percentage off, a fixed amount off, a buy-one-get-one deal, or any other attractive offer.

        4. Minimum Purchase (if applicable):

            • If a minimum purchase is required to redeem the coupon, please clearly specify the amount.

          5. Description:

              • Provide a clear and concise description of the discount offered, including any restrictions or conditions.

            6. Coupon Image:

                • Upload an image or logo that represents your coupon. High-quality images are encouraged.

              7. Contact Information:

                  • Provide accurate contact information, including the business’s email address, phone number, and website.

                8. Terms and Conditions:

                    • Clearly state any terms and conditions associated with the use of the coupon.

                  9. Review and Approval:

                      • All coupon submissions will be reviewed by the ShitcoinX team for eligibility and compliance with our guidelines.

                      • ShitcoinX reserves the right to reject or modify coupon submissions that do not meet our standards.

                    10. Agreement:

                        • By submitting a coupon, you agree to comply with ShitcoinX’s guidelines and terms.

                      11. Changes and Updates:

                          • Businesses may request changes or updates to their submitted coupons by contacting ShitcoinX’s support team.

                        12. Termination:

                            • ShitcoinX reserves the right to terminate any coupon offering at any time if it violates our guidelines or terms.

                          13. Promotion:

                              • ShitcoinX may promote your coupon on our platform and marketing materials to maximize exposure.

                            14. User Redemption:

                                • ShitcoinX users will be able to redeem your coupon through your platform’s interface via the url which you have submitted for your product or service.

                              15. Data Privacy:

                                  • ShitcoinX will handle all submitted information in accordance with its privacy policy.

                                16. Agreement Update:

                                    • These submission guidelines and terms may be subject to change. Businesses will be notified of any updates.

                                  17. Contact:

                                      • For questions or support regarding coupon submissions, please contact

                                    Thank you for partnering with ShitcoinX to provide exclusive discounts to our growing community. We look forward to a successful collaboration!